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May. 21st, 2015



[sticky post] Introductory Post & Community Rules

Welcome to Sanbaka Subs LJ community for Kanjani8 english fansubs releases by three irl-bff eighter fangirls.
Follow us on twitter for live updates on projects~ @SanbakaSubs
About us:
Who are we?:
Sanbaka Subs: mysticwater, sadistangel and shirleypuff are three real life girl friends in Vancouver that share a love for Kanjani - they often have eito sleepover parties together. At once such party they all unanimously decided to create Sanbaka Subs and spread the eito love!

mysticwater is a former member of the Baka no Sekai and Ikemen Subbing subteams. She has been in the "Johnny's" scene since 2007, and fansubbing since 2008 - including the project lead for the [BNS] 47 DVD release and the movie Koizora. She is a model/actress who lived in Japan and followed eito around for concerts- but is now back in Vancouver missing Kanjani8 like crazy. Her ichiban is Okura Tadayoshi, whom she affectionately calls "yoshi". But Uchi will always have a place in her heart 8->1
Twitter: @mysticwater

sadistangel is an inactive translator of Eito Kick Ass subs, on how she got to being one and still continues to be one- she doesn't know. She pretends she knows Kanji, then cries. On her off days she updates nanikanjani@tumblr.com or at least tries to. She got to liking Yokoyama first without realizing he's in Kanjani8- and had denials with Uchi being her ichiban. You likely wont hear much from her as she likes popping in and out of hiatus.
Twitter: @sadistangel

shirleypuff is an eighter from Fukuoka, Japan - who moved to Vancouver for school and work. She befriended the previous two locally, thanks to twitter and kanjani hashtags. This is her first time working on a subteam and transcribing/translating eito. Her ichiban is Maru.
Twitter: @sorx528

What do you sub?
We will most likely only fansub videos related to Kanjani8.

I want to share your releases outside Sanbaka Subs, can I?
At this time no. Please link to here if you wish to share! Also please make sure that you do NOT upload any of our releases on online streaming sites, such as YouTube/Crunchyroll/Vimeo/etc.

Can I have softsubs?:
No, sorry. Maybe if we sub a movie or drama - but that's up for debate!

Do you take subbing requests? Can you sub this?:
Obiviously we can't sub everything that is requested. But feel free to make your suggestions. We will post when we are open to requests! But for our first releases we'll be focuses on the material we want as fangirls! XD

Please join the community as
all releases will be member-locked after 1 week!

Jan. 30th, 2016



[UPDATE & MINI RELEASE] how japanese eighter feel about foreign fans??

[EIGHTERの本心] Interviewing 関ジャニ∞ fans at Tokyo Dome
Interviewing eighter (kanjani8 fans) about why they like kanjani and how they feel about foreign fans.

Recorded @ 元気が出るLIVE Dec 18 + 19 2015

(please note: all subs on this video have NOT been beta'd or QC'd, so my translations (all by ear) may be off - hope you enjoy it anyway!)

Hopefully this satisfies you guys for a bit. I've been crazy busy with editing videos from my trip.

Our team is swamped with work, since ALL THREE of us vacationed in Japan in the span of 2 months!
We love kanjani and we love japan, it was bound to happen for us haha! But I still haven't given up on this group!
We ask for your patience as we recoup from our financial stress and heavy workloads!

PS- Feel free to share this video with friends, this is the only type of youtube/streaming video we will release and encourage sharing XD

PSS- I am still looking for translators timers to help me with future projects once we get back from this mini hiatus, if you contacted me efore, please email me again!

Sep. 13th, 2015



[UPDATE] We are still alive dont worry

Now that summer is over, and all of our cosplay and conventions are wrapping up we have more time to spend on eito. Sadistangel is also in the midst of opening a local maid cafe while planning a trip to Japan. I'll be helping her with the cafe too, but I also have my own personal things going on. As such things are still pretty busy in RL.

We ask for your patience as we work around our hobbies and commitments to give you eighters more eight.

Do S Deka is completed in case you missed it!

ER2 (20% translated) and Shiwake are next on our list! so please be patient, I'm working to get it started ASAP.

PS- We are looking for translators and timers to help us get the ball rolling, let us know if you are interested!


Jun. 28th, 2015



[Update] Do S Deka

Episodes 7&8 are released - here

Episode 9 - QC pending, should be release sometime tomorrow evening.

We will be starting a new Eito project shortly (either chronicle or shiwake) Thanks for your patience.

Please note we are always seeking translators/collaborators! ;)

Jun. 19th, 2015



[UPDATE] Clover harsub progress and pending releases

Clover is fully typeset and QC is pending, I hope to release final harsubbed version this weekend!

Eight Ranger 2 is currently being translated by mirukukohii (go follow her as she is our main collaborator for these movies and she will release the beta .srt versions)- slower release as we focus on our drama...

-epi 7 is QC'd with pending release
-epi 8 is in translation

  • We will also likey sub Kanjani Chronicle 03

  • Shiwake epi is pending

until sadistangel can find time - we are all very busy this month so we hope you will understand!

Thanks for your patience!
stay tuned!!!

May. 24th, 2015



[UPDATE] Upcoming projects and BNS reuploads

We will release a version 2 of Kanjanism MC later this week (including fixing some translation and grammatical errors, as well as tuning typesetting errors and encoded filters - and generally making it cleaner to watch). We will do our best to supply eighter with only our best in the future!

As per a request I found more old BNS releases - Dream Boys 2004 & 2006 versions and most of the 47 Tour release! These will be re-uploaded and re-released here, as always full credits will go to bakanosekai

Our next projects;
- [TV] 150117 Kanjani no Shiwake - High School Certification Exam (Yoko/Okura)
- Eight Ranger Movie 2***
- Kanjani Chronicle 01 never mind its subbed already lol

*** - Please note ER2 movie is a slower background project as we work on Shiwake - aiming for August for the movie. ;)

Our goal is to release something about once a month. Depending on size of project of course. ;)
Thanks for all the support so far !!!
Much love~ Xoxo

May. 17th, 2015



[UPDATE] Kanjanism MC progress report

Kanjanism MC  - 24min
Transcription: 95%
Translation: 50%
Timing: 50%
Typesetting: 50%
QC: 0%
Encoding: 0%

I (mysticwater only) also sub
Do S Deka episodes with haruki (mirukukohii)
we got a bit backwards due to losing a translatior this week, but I'll update here as well for thos who are curious!
epi 4 - 10% timed, 20% translated
epi 5 - 100% timed , 5% translated

Future Project - Eight Ranger Movie 2

- please feel free to comment here to request future projects - please note we can NOT guarentee we will get to these as fast as you want, please understand we need sleep! XD